I am PhD student in Statistics at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in the Bioinformatics Division where I am developing methods for analysing DNA methylation data. My advisors are Terry Speed and Peter Hall.

This website includes all the things you’d expect to find on an academic website, like my research papers, links to software and CV. It’s also the home to my blog Stats and Genomes. I write about my own research along with other people’s work that I find interesting in the fields of statistics and genomics, reviews of conferences that I attend and various tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way about analysing data, programming and presenting statistical research.

Research Interests

In my thesis I am developing statistical methods and software for the analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation data, obtained by deep sequencing of bisulfite treated genomic DNA (methylC-seq). DNA methylation is an epigenetic modification that is important in transcriptional regulation. It plays a key role in embryonic development and aberrant DNA methylation is strongly associated with cancer.

Some of the key statistical challenges I am addressing are the complex dependence structure of the data, biases in the methylC-seq assay, developing a simulation model of DNA methylation for use in comparing methods and collaborating with biologists to analyse DNA methylation data.

I am particularly interested in understanding the spatial relationship of CpG methylation and how this dependence structure can be exploited in analyses of DNA methylation data.

I also work as a research assistant in the statistical genetics group at WEHI, led by Melanie Bahlo. Whilst most of this work involves linkage mapping and exome sequence analysis of human families segregating a Mendelian disease, I have also been involved in analysing  genome wide association studies and exome sequencing of experimental mouse strains.

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